Release Date: TBD

Director: Craig Bergman

Writer: Craig Bergman

Producer: Craig Bergman

The Wisdom of True Love

In the last century, world leaders dreaded the possibility that humankind would be destroyed from without, by weapons so inconceivably powerful their use implied human extinction. But in recent decades, advances in the scientific understanding of human biology produced a more insidious technological threat. They have spawned a presumptuous attack on human institutions of faith, family and moral purpose that undermines the will to respect, preserve and perpetuate humanity. Instead of blows from without, we are dissolving humanity from within via chemical and other artificial contraception – abortifacients. This film informs audiences of the true threat to humanity’s better destiny. Above all it aims to inspire men and women around the world to rediscover the natural wisdom of God’s love, so as to welcome God’s call to procreate—for His sake and, therefore, our own.